Transform Depression and Anxiety

Suppressing or avoiding hard-to-deal-with feelings doesn’t work! 

Studies show that people who suppress emotions increase the feelings they are trying to contain. Depression or anxiety are often the result.

The truth is that what we try and avoid gains power over us.

This is because by avoiding it – we confirm it exists. I’m not making light of the in-depth self-work that sometimes needs to be done. After all, I am a mental health therapist, and I understand the depth and complexity of unwanted hard-to-deal with feelings.  I also understand it is hard to transform entrenched and unwanted habits.

On the other hand, there is much to say about transforming and healing through the arts. Dance, art, and exercise can be very recuperative, lift depression, and play out trauma.

With this in mind, try this tip:

Dopamine, a feel-good chemical, involved in pleasure isn’t hard to boost. Studies suggest that listening to music sends a signal to your brain to release dopamine – that feel good chemical. Even thinking about music releases dopamine.

So instead of suppressing unwanted, uncomfortable feelings, transform them into some music.

What do you do to transform hard-to-deal with feelings? 

For me, I love dancing, painting, and yoga 🙂

About The Author

Dr. Constance DelGiudice

Counseling ~ Coaching ~ Sex Therapy