You Can Live the Life You Want!

Ultimately, we want to be happy, content, and successful.

Are you struggling with an issue negatively impacting your life or your relationship(s)? Are you tired of dealing with it again and again? You want to finally be free of it – or at least manage it.

I’m Dr. Constance DelGiudice, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology, and a Board Certified Sex Therapist. To ensure you get the best, I practice only in areas I’m confident! My skills enable me to simplify complex strategies so you can focus on what matters.

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CounselingCouple Counseling ~ Sex Therapy ~ Life Coaching ~ Child & Adolescent Counseling

I can assist you to overcome whatever is negatively impacting you, your life, and your relationships.


“You can ward off painful mental, emotional, and physical ailments preventing you from feeling great!”


Through couple and sex therapy, I can help you in creating relationship satisfaction and sexual fulfillment. My counseling and coaching practice is founded on using best practices to create real and sustainable change.

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“I’ve found that people ultimately want to be happy, content, and successful. We strive for contentment, real happiness, and relationship bliss. The right counseling finally opens the door to success.” 

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Call me at 772-631-6138 or email me here to talk about your next step toward the life you want.

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