How Can I Gain Control Of My Life?

Do you feel in control of your life?

While there are many things we can’t control in life, you would be surprised at how much of your life you can control. At first, recognize that you do have the power to chart a direction in your life. You can call the shots. If the statement, “you can call the shots,” were truer than you have previously accepted, what in your life would be different. What would your life be like?


Take out your favorite journal and try and make this fun. Personally, I have a room in my house set up for self-care. I do yoga, journaling, and all kinds of fun hobbies. I also label my journal “Self-Care.” So, get your journal and a cozy spot and start with the below prompts. You don’t need to answer all. Just answer the ones that pertain to you, or create new prompts.


Reflection Questions:


  1. In what ways have I given up control over my life?
  2. What happened in my life that enabled me to give up control to others?
  3. What would I do if I really believed I won’t fail?
  4. How would I behave, if I wasn’t worried about rejection?
  5. What if I stopped people pleasing?
  6. What steps can I take to gain control over my life?
  7. What in my life would I take back, if I wasn’t worried about confrontation?
  8. What will my life look like if I continue to let others control certain aspects of my life?
  9. How has giving up control impacted (e.g. symptoms, numbness, resentment, etc.) me?


Now that you have completed the included self-reflection questions, download the positive affirmations, I am in control of my life. Take the affirmations you like and recite them through the day. The research supports, there are real benefits to faking it until you make it.

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