About Constance

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Really nice to meet you!


I’m Dr. Constance DelGiudice, and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology, and a Board Certified Sex Therapist. I’m also an Adjunct Professor and soon-to-be author. I am the owner and founder of Dr. Constance DelGiudice PLLC, a counseling and coaching practice, built upon using well-researched best practice interventions and techniques. You can find out more about the practice, the methods, and techniques I use by browsing the rest of the website.

Why I Do What I Do

Many people fall into their jobs. Maybe because it’s expected of them, or because they need to take whatever is available. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to choose what they want to do for a living.

Fortunately, I chose the career that I wanted, and I love what I do. The great thing is, it doesn’t feel like work to me. I’m living my dream, and I want to help others to live their dreams too. Think of your ambitions and goals, the dreams of what you want out of life and what you want to achieve – it’s those dreams that I want to help you to live.

As a young girl, I loved life and all its pleasures. Quality communication and relationships, arts and knowledge…all of life’s little wonders filled me with joy and inspiration. I’ve worked to maintain that happiness, wonder, and inspiration throughout my adult life. I have always felt an inner empathy for the underdog and any person having an emotionally painful experience, and I have always had an ability to spot and uplift those suffering from mental and emotional pain. And look where I am now – a helping professional, inspiring others to live a life free from mental, emotional, and physical pain…breaking free from the obstacles that hold them back in life.

The Oxygen Mask Theory

Because I’m human, I need to ensure that my enthusiasm stays as high as it normally is. That’s why I believe in the “Oxygen Mask Theory.” In the case of emergency on a plane, you should put your oxygen mask on before helping others. That’s also true here on the ground. That’s why I strive to consistently achieve a balance between myself and others – you get the real deal with me. I practice what I preach – that’s how I know it works!

My Family, and How it All Started

I didn’t have a perfect childhood, and I’m not one of those people who managed to go through life effortlessly, with opportunities handed to me on a plate. If you are one of those people, that’s great. There is nothing wrong with certain life transitions coming easy. I had to put a lot of time and effort into my success…but the great thing about that is that I’ve now got a wider range of tools to pass on to you!

I was born into a large family, where I learned at a young age just how diverse family expressions can be. Whenever I visited my mother’s side of the family, I felt intimidated by their well-mannered and seemingly peaceful lives. It appeared as if nobody had any problems. My father’s side of the family, though, sat at the other end of the spectrum. They were much more expressive, and sometimes it was so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think. Everybody’s problems were firsthand news. I can say all this with a smile now, as I’ve learned that there is variation in life. No particular way is ultimately better . . . we are all different and valuable in our own way.

As a child, I dreamed of becoming a dancer and attending a great college. But because of circumstances, dreams of Julliard and higher education didn’t happen. Getting to where I am today wasn’t a straightforward career path, but it was certainly worth it! I wouldn’t change a thing. My journey makes me who I am today.

And Today…

With nothing more than a dream, a passion, and a keen focus, I’ve created a thriving private practice and a life worth celebrating. It was after the birth of my daughter and an incredibility supportive husband that I finally re-visited my childhood dreams. I took up ballroom dancing and started my associate’s degree. This took a lot of confidence on my part, as there were plenty of naysayers!

“Dreams can be a reality. They may look different, perhaps even better.”

Eventually, I went on to compete in dancing, I placed well, and I got to represent the USA in the world Dancesport Competitions. I obtained my doctorate, fulfilling those dreams I had envisioned for so long. Ultimately, I have come to realize the importance of living the life that you want.

“Living according to others’ expectations or lack thereof can leave you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.”

All those early experiences led to my choosing counseling psychology as a profession. I have grown to value understanding, acceptance, individuality, quality connection, and the celebration of life – some of the most important characteristics in good counseling. Through my life experiences, I’ve found a life I love.

As the cherry on the cake, I strive to make each moment as pleasurable as it can be. If we can’t enjoy ourselves, each other, and our environment, what else is there? Through my upbringing and the challenges I’ve faced, I’ve found my unique self that is worth celebrating. Now it’s time to find yours.